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Most of the painpoints described here could be a microsaas as defined by the stair step approach by Rob Walling. →Stair Step Approach

NumberPain PointDescriptionSoftwaresMonetizableScoreUrl
1Update help and documentation with a real-time AI platform.HubSpot's help and documentation are outdated, making it difficult for users to find relevant information.['hubspot', 'salesforce']TRUE4Link
2Need for an image tracking tool for WordPress media library.Difficulty in tracking the usage frequency and location of images within a large media library on a WordPress website.['wordpress']TRUE3Link
3Difficulty in bulk input of line items in XeroThe user is having trouble with bulk input of line items in Xero. The import form provided doesn't work effectively, as it requires all the pricing info in the import, which is time-consuming.['xero']TRUE7Link
4Automate data extraction from email to Google SheetThe user is having trouble extracting data from a table in an email and importing it to a Google Sheet. They are currently keeping track of all requests manually in a notebook, which is inefficient.['google sheet', 'zap']TRUE8Link
5Improving AI code generation with guided requirement captureUsers need to specify requirements very clearly when using AI to generate code, otherwise the generated code might not work as intended in all contexts.['wordpress', 'woocommerce', '', 'gpt', 'openai']TRUE3Link
6Automate follow ups and ticket closure for non-responsive customersCustomers not responding back to tickets['zendesk', 'spryngtime']TRUE8Link
7Automated highlighting of action items in TeamsTeams does not provide a clear view of action items unless actively checked, unlike other tools that easily show this information in one place.['teams', 'sharepoint', 'planner', 'asana', 'clickup', 'viva insights', 'outlook']TRUE3Link
8Difficulty in retrieving URL from form submissionsDifficulty in retrieving URL from form submissions['webflow form submission', 'google sheets']TRUE7Link
9User needs 'Send mail as' feature in Zoho MailThe user is currently using Zoho Mail and is looking for a feature similar to Gmail's 'Send mail as' functionality. They want to send emails as if they're coming from a different account, all while utilizing Zoho's mail servers.['zoho mail', 'gmail', 'cloudflare']TRUE7Link
10Lack of advanced, up-to-date training material for professional graphic designers in Adobe suite.The user is a professional graphic designer looking for advanced training in Adobe suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) but is struggling to find material that isn't for beginners or outdated.['adobe indesign', 'adobe illustrator', 'adobe photoshop']TRUE8Link
11User is overwhelmed by the various setup options in Trello and is seeking an optimal configuration.Difficulty in deciding on an optimal setup for project management, task management, and notes within Trello, leading to confusion and inefficiency.['trello']TRUE3Link
12Challenges in data export and unresponsive customer supportDifficulty in exporting data from Zendesk, with customer support being unhelpful.['zendesk', 'zoho desk', 'foqal', 'supportbench', 'freshdesk', 'help scout', 'siit']TRUE3Link
13QBO's service and tax report feature are slow and inefficient.QBO's service is slow and inefficient, taking too long to accomplish anything. The new tax report is inefficient and takes much longer than it used to.['qbo']TRUE7Link
14Facilitate easier sharing of session IDs and passwords.Customers experience difficulty typing in session IDs correctly over the phone, leading to inefficiencies and frustration.['teamviewer', 'anydesk']TRUE4Link
15Need for automatic handling of redirects when changing primary domain on Shopify.Uncertainty about whether Shopify automatically creates all redirects when changing the primary domain.['shopify']TRUE7Link
16Difficulty in assigning conversion values for micro conversions.Uncertainty about assigning conversion values for micro conversions in a conversion group of steps that users take before a final purchase.['google']TRUE7Link
17Poor support and lack of transparency for product feed generatorI spent 4+ man hours troubleshooting the native product feed (XML) generator only for them to give up on the issue and say, 'Did you know this is in Beta ? [no indication of that anywhere] Nothing we can do.'['netsuite', 'acs', 'jira', 'strongpoint']TRUE3Link
18Need for an intuitive guide or onboarding process for new Semrush usersThe user is a graphic designer with no experience in using Semrush or similar software and is tasked with optimizing the free trial to demonstrate its value to their employer.['semrush', 'google ads', 'google analytics']TRUE3Link
19Automate ticket triaging to improve efficiencyDifficulty in triaging tickets['zendesk', 'spryngtime']TRUE9Link
20Elementor creates bloated DOM structureElementor's page builder creates a bloated DOM structure, leading to slow website performance and poor SEO rankings.['elementor', 'gutenberg', 'slider revolution', 'woocommerce', 'beaver builder', 'bricks builder', 'wpengine', 'wp-optimize', 'smush', 'ewww', 'shortpixel', 'cloudflare', 'bedrock', 'generatepress', 'figma', 'canva', 'spectra', 'avada', 'oxygenbuilder']TRUE4Link
21Challenges with executing tasks at a large scaleAt a large scale, executing tasks becomes a challenge. For instance, orchestrating with Terraform, interfacing with enterprise IAM tools, and managing security hub posture.['aws', 'terraform', 'cloudformation', 'aws control tower', 'iam identity center', 'security hub', 'stacksets']TRUE8Link
22Implementing a transaction verification system to reduce fraudulent chargebacks for e-commerce stores.E-commerce store owners are facing fraudulent chargebacks, which result in significant financial losses.['shopify']TRUE8Link
23Lack of time to overhaul and reconfigure ZendeskThe user is capable of overhauling and reconfiguring their Zendesk but lacks the free time to do so.['zendesk', 'saasy']TRUE7Link
24Need for broader compatibility with app plans in automation softwareAlbato doesn't support the basic plan of ActiveCampaign, preventing completion of desired automation.['albato', 'activecampaign', 'reoon api']TRUE70Link
25Building a real-time sensor data dashboard on a Wordpress siteThe client has several IoT sensors throughout the mall and wants to build a dashboard that contains graphs, charts and diagrams that display the real time measurements of their sensors on their existing Wordpress site.['wordpress', 'react', 'graph.js', 'wpdatatables', 'headless front end', 'looker studio', 'powerbi']TRUE3Link
26Demand for reliable password manager alternatives.Users are frustrated with the need to switch password managers due to security breaches and are looking for reliable alternatives.['1password', 'lastpass', 'bitwarden']TRUE6Link
27Need for a bulk text box creation and alignment tool in DocuSign.Difficulty in creating multiple text boxes at once in DocuSign, leading to a time-consuming process of manually aligning them.['docusign']TRUE3Link
28Difficulty in switching from Jira to Asana and managing projects and portfolios.The user is finding it difficult to switch from Jira to Asana. They are finding it hard to get an overview of all the projects and portfolios. They are also struggling with creating a kanban overview of all stories and having an epic overview with progress.['jira', 'asana']TRUE7Link
29Need for an automated solution to update Knowledge Base content in line with product updates.With the update of the SaaS platform, a lot of content in the existing customer-facing Knowledge Base will be obsolete - screenshots, step-by-step guides, short video tutorials etc.['zendesk']TRUE8Link

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