Investment Analysis Report: Meta Platforms Inc.


The company shows a consistent growth trend in its revenue, net income, gross profit, and free cash flow over the last five quarters. The EPS has also shown a major increase. However, the PE ratio indicates a high price compared to earnings. The PEG ratio is less than 1, which suggests that the stock may be undervalued given its earnings growth rate. The company's debt is well managed.


Meta Platforms Inc., a publicly traded company under the ticker 'meta', operates within the Communication Services sector and the Internet Content & Information industry. The company has shown promising growth over the last five quarters, with an increase in total revenue from 32,165,000,000 to 40,111,000,000 and a net income increase from 4,653,000,000 to 14,017,000,000. The gross profit has also seen noteworthy growth from 23,829,000,000 to 32,416,000,000. Furthermore, the free cash flow has more than doubled from 5,468,000,000 to 11,739,000,000.


  • Consistent growth in revenue, net income, gross profit, and free cash flow
  • High EPS growth from 1.76 to 5.33
  • Low PEG ratio of 0.99 indicates the stock may be undervalued considering its earnings growth rate
  • Well managed debt with a debt to equity ratio of 24.76


  • High PE ratio indicates that the company is currently trading at a high price compared to its earnings


Considering the consistent growth trends, high EPS growth, low PEG ratio, and well-managed debt levels, I would recommend buying the stock. However, investors should note the high PE ratio, which indicates a high price compared to the company's earnings. As with any investment, it is important to consider your individual risk tolerance and investment timeline.

Disclaimer: Investors should conduct their own research and consider their financial situation before making investment decisions.