Comprehensive Financial Report: CRWD (CrowdStrike Holdings Inc)


CrowdStrike has been showing steady growth in revenue and cash flow, with a solid balance sheet and high institutional support. However, the fluctuation in net income and high PE ratio indicate potential risks. Investing in CrowdStrike should be considered with these factors in mind.


CRWD operates in the Technology sector, specifically in the Software - Infrastructure industry. With a market capitalization of approximately 78 billion USD, it is a major player in its field. The company has shown growth in total revenue over the last 5 quarters, increasing from 637 million USD to 845 million USD. The balance sheet shows a healthy cash position of approximately 3.37 billion USD along with a modest total debt of 792 million USD.


  1. Steady growth in revenue: The company's total revenue has increased from 637 million USD to 845 million USD over the last 5 quarters.
  2. Solid balance sheet: CRWD has a healthy cash position of approximately 3.37 billion USD, which provides a good financial cushion for the company.
  3. High institutional ownership: The high institutional ownership of 76.516% indicates that the majority of the company's shares are held by large financial institutions, which can be seen as a vote of confidence in the company's management and future prospects.


  1. High PE ratio: The company's trailing PE ratio of 896.81 and forward PE of 66.16 are considerably high, indicating that the stock may be overpriced compared to its earnings.
  2. Fluctuating net income: The company's net income has fluctuated significantly over the past 5 quarters, going from -47 million USD to 53 million USD, indicating potential instability in the company's profitability.
  3. Increased expenses: Over the past 5 quarters, the company's total expenses have increased from 698 million USD to 816 million USD.


Considering the steady revenue growth, solid balance sheet, and high institutional ownership, CRWD presents a viable investment opportunity. However, potential investors should also consider the high PE ratio and fluctuating net income, which indicate potential risks. As such, this stock may be suitable for investors with a higher risk tolerance.

Please note that this recommendation is based on the current financial situation of the company and may change as new financial information becomes available. Always consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

Disclaimer: Investors should conduct their own research and consider their financial situation before making investment decisions.